We Buy, Grow, and Sell Amazon Businesses.

Shadowbox is a digital assessment management firm, specializing in digital M&As of eCommerce assets.

Who We Are

Shadowbox Media Company is a Cleveland based, digital asset management firm. We buy, grow and sell Amazon FBA businesses. In the digital era, eCommerce assets have become a volatile commodity.

What are digital assets? A digital asset is a revenue-generating faction that is located and operated online. An eCommerce website is a typical example of a digital asset. Currently, Shadowbox’s assets offerings are limited to Amazon FBA stores.

Shadowbox grows, buys and sells FBA stores. We organically mature the assets in-house and eventually exit them to digital/institutional buyers/investors. We also buy FBA stores with room for growth, organically market and increase the brand’s traction before an eventual exit.

What We Do


Amazon FBA stores take time to grow. Our best in-class team are experts at performing the extensive product research, branding and marketing needed to grow a best-selling Amazon store!


Shadowbox is always looking for growing Amazon brands with room to scale! We buy Amazon FBA stores to add to our portfolio of growing PL brands, drop us a message if you have a brand to sell!


After growing stores, we eventually look to exit the sites off to institutional buyers/digital investors in the space who are actively looking to acquire fast-growing brands.

Want To Sell Your Business?

Talk to our team to see if you’re a good fit to work with Shadowbox!